Drum recording for your songs

I am delighted to offer you a variety of services in our studio:

If you like my drumming, we can add drum tracks to your recording.  We offer these in two different qualities:


1. Pre-Production:

    ( send me your song via email, without drums, and you'll get back eight tracks of drum        recording for € 75 per song )


2. Professional Production:

    ( I prefer recording here  http://www.klangdialog.de }


Help and recording your songs

If you need any help getting your ideas actually on to tape, we offer you:

                                Low-budget production

1. Preproduction:

   ( finding chords of your song, arranging it, etc. )


2. Production:

    ( we have contacts to all the finest musicians in town, who can also be hired to play your piece )


3. Mastering:

    ( the final process in preparing an album for release )











Hire peter peters for your project:


0049 (0) 151 234 66 251






Drum Lessons:


At the present time, Peter is extremely busy playing and recording, so unfortunately he

cannot give any private lessons